Student, Writer, 

Researcher, Activist

B.A. Rice University 2018

About Me

My background

Originally from New York City, I studied at Rice University from August 2015-May 2018. This October, I plan to begin my graduate studies in International Relations & Politics at the University of Cambridge. 

Involvement & Activities

Over the last few years, I've been active both on and off-campus for a variety of causes. 

I was elected Chief Justice of Hanszen College in March 2017 for a one-year term. In this role, I was the individual responsible for enforcing the residential college's judicial code and serving as the liaison between Hanszenites, Student Judicial Programs, and the college's Magisters & Resident Associates. 

I was also the Precinct Chair for the Harris County Republican Party for Precinct 361, which covers the entirety of Rice's campus. As part of this job, I am the youngest incumbent precinct chair in the nation's largest politically competitive county.

Additionally, during my time at Rice, I co-founded the "Dead Economists Society" discussion group, which continues to bring  together an ideologically and culturally diverse group of students and faculty to discuss foundational texts in economics and economic history. 

Finally, I have also pursued independent research as an undergraduate. My presentation on my research won First Prize in the Humanities at the Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium in April 2017. I am pictured on the right after winning the award with Associate Dean of the Humanities Dr. Lora Wildenthal. 

Hobbies and Personal Interests

I'm a prolific reader and writer who loves engaging in thoughtful discussion about almost anything humanities or social sciences oriented. I enjoy exploring the world through many lenses, usually with good friends and family by my side. 

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