Personal Projects

My family background and experiences have provided me with a meaningful foundation for my academic and professional interests. Here, you can find some of my work related to these areas, which continue to inspire me as a scholar, writer, citizen, and activist. 

HanszenX Presentation: February 2017

Please find the link to my presentation at my Residential College's TedX symposium below.

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Gelfand Family Genealogical Project

As part of my long-running interest in genealogy, and due to my strong skills in Russian-English and English-Russian translating, I took it upon myself to translate an article that had been written about the family of my maternal grandfather in the local newspaper of their ancestral hometown in central Belarus. Please find the article's English translation, completed by me, below, with the link to the original article by Irina Babishevich, Senior Research Associate at the Cherven Municipal Museum, below.